16 bridges charity walk

As I alluded to in my opening post Katie and I are raising money for Cardiomyopathy UK over the coming months, starting with a walk through London in September. But why, you might ask, are we doing this?

Well, the charity held a conference that we both attended shortly after I was hospitalised in August 2016. Thankfully that episode has since been deemed to simply be Atrial fibrillation that my ICD mistook for Ventricular fibrillation, a very serious and potentially life threatening issue.

At the time we were both struggling to deal with the reality of my long suspected, but never fully confirmed condition ARVC presenting itself. The Cardiomyopathy UK National Conference in November of last year was brilliant, eye opening and helped greatly during that time. Now that things aren’t so bleak we wanted to give something back and this walk is the first step (ha!) in achieving that.

We’ve just been given the 25km route that I’ve included below :

We’ve also started training with a few slow jaunts around Hereford :

Finally, if you would like to donate, it would be very much appreciated. Your money will help people like us, going through scary and confusing times, to access information, support and advice as well as contribute to training for medical professionals. We are gratefully accepting donations via our justgiving.com page with our current progress towards our goal shown below :

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Hey, it has been a while..

So it has been a while since I published anything on my original Wordpress based blog, so long in fact that I’ve decided to do away with the old and move onto something new, shiny and statically generated. All previously written and frankly rather embarrassing content has been deleted and lost forever.

This new blog, for anyone that is interested, is now hosted on GitLab pages and statically generated using Hugo. I hopefully have some kind of flare in the mail for switching away from Wordpress to these new shiny things, I could always use more flare.

Anyway, moving forward this blog is going to capture some of my work currently around OpenStack, charity events for Cardiomyopathy UK, hobby projects such as automating my home with Home Assistant , ramblings about the software industry while also documenting my numerous spelling and grammatical failures forever.

That’s enough text for this test post, on with the actual content!

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