KubeVirt instancetype.kubevirt.io Updated `InferFromVolume` demo

The implementation of this feature has now landed and will be included in the upcoming v0.59.0 release of KubeVirt.


Updated Design

There have been some small changes to the design. Notably that DataSources are now supported as a target of InferFromVolume and the previously listed camel-case annotations are now hyphenated labels:

  • instancetype.kubevirt.io/default-instancetype
  • instancetype.kubevirt.io/default-instancetype-kind (Defaults to VirtualMachineClusterInstancetype)
  • instancetype.kubevirt.io/default-preference
  • instancetype.kubevirt.io/default-preference-kind (Defaults to VirtualMachineClusterPreference)


I’ve recorded a new demo below using a SSP operator development environment, the demo now covers the following:

  • The creation of decorated DataImportCrons by the SSP operator
  • The deployment of kubevirt/common-instancetypes by the SSP operator
  • The creation of decorated DataSources and PVCs by CDI
  • The ability for KubeVirt to infer the default instance type and preference from a DataSource for a VirtualMachine



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