Openstack TripleO FFU Getting started

This post will be a living document where I will detail how TripleO developers can initially provision and iterate quickly while working on service upgrade tasks the new fast-forward upgrade feature for in TripleO Queens.

Initial environment

This section details how to configure the initial environment with specific undercloud (UC) and overcloud (OC) versions and layouts using tripleo-quickstart.

Newton UC & OC

This basic combnination is required for end to end testing of fast forward upgrades:

$ bash -R newton $VIRTHOST

Note however that the following changes are required so that vbmc is used by the undercloud instead of pxe_ssh (removed in Pike):

Master UC & Newton OC

This combination is a useful starting point for developers looking to work on tripleo-heat-templates changes for a given service:

$ bash -R master-undercloud-newton-overcloud $VIRTHOST

The master-undercloud-newton-overcloud release config is introduced by the following change:

Master UC & Newton OC with only Keystone deployed

$ bash -w $WD -t all -R master-undercloud-newton-overcloud  \
   -c config/general_config/keystone-only.yml \
   -N config/nodes/1ctlr.yml $VIRTHOST


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